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The easiest way for your party to get to Cheetahs

Posted on 01-19-2016

So you’ve arranged a boys’ night out to a strip joint, but there’s a problem: Who is going to take one for the team and be the designated driver? Who’s going to stay sober while the rest knock back the beer? Who’s going to drink water or coke all night?

“Not me!” The words echo around the room.

So how do you solve this dilemma?

You could get a cab, but that can be expensive, and it’s a hassle when there’s 6 or more in your group. Then you have to arrange a time for the cab to pick you up from the club, which restricts you to a definite time, and you may not be ready to leave at that point. Of course, you could call a cab from the club, but then you would have to wait around, and if it’s a Friday or Saturday night, that could mean waiting a while…


Or one of you could drive and just have two drinks, staying under the limit. But that’s risky. What if you overstep the mark, get stopped on the way home and end up with a DUI? That isn’t cool.

Or you could ask a friend, a neighbor, or even your mom! Again, not cool.

All this hassle just to arrange to get to and from a strip club; damn.

Well how about this. Arrange to come to Cheetahs, which by the way is the #1 nude strip club in Southern California, and your travel problems disappear, just like that.


Well here at Cheetahs, we care about your safety. We want you to have the best strip club experience possible. And part of that experience is making sure you get to and from the club safely, which is why we offer a FREE shuttle service.

Yes, that’s right, free of charge – minus drink charges and the entry fee, of course. We pick you up and drop you right back to your doorstep when you’re done. And if you want to end up somewhere else, well, we can arrange to drop you there too.

Imagine this; the Cheetahs shuttle picks you up at 8pm. You and the boys are driven straight to the club, hassle free and catching jokes all the way there.

You jump straight out the shuttle and into the Bullpen sports bar next door. You sink a few rounds, and then you’re ready to see some hot, naked women dancing for your pleasure. You walk into Cheetahs and bam! It’s on!

Now, does that sound a great night out or what?

Take the VIP route to Cheetahs and call our free shuttle service. Dial 1-858-277-2339 and say,“We want to party, please come pick us up.”

Hit the strip club in style. Avoid a DUI. And have the night of your life.

See you there!