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The military benefits of Cheetahs

Posted on 05-11-2016

Take a moment to imagine yourself as a soldier serving the U.S. Army. You’ve just finished a lengthy tour on the other side of the globe in a blazing hot 120-degree desert with nothing but bare necessities. Things are so simplistic that even a trip to McDonalds would be a luxury at this point.

Finally your commanding officer says those magic words, “Pack your bags, you’re heading home.”

The moment you step foot off of the plane and take in a breath of fresh air, you are instantly at ease. Now you and your military pals can finally let loose and indulge in all of life’s guilty pleasures that you’ve been forced to ignore for so long.

Sure, the military accepts both men and women but when you’re deployed, the destination typically isn’t a 5-star luxury hotel in a tropical part of the world, with an abundance of beautiful women. Quite the opposite. Back home you’re used to air conditioning and running water being the norm, whereas in some spots of the world soldiers have to literally dig holes in the ground to make their own toilets. In the states, people are typically within five minutes of a restaurant, bar or lounge that’ll serve you a nice cold beer. On the flip side, many parts of the Middle East will throw your ass in jail if you’re caught with alcohol.

Here at Cheetahs – San Diego’s most popular strip club – we acknowledge the hardship endured by our troops and the incredible sacrifices they make to serve our great country, while we’re back here living the American dream. Not to mention, many of our gorgeous dancers have a soft spot for clean-cut men in uniform.

Because they make America the land of the free, and home of the brave, we want to express our thanks and remind you that all military members get half off here at Cheetahs of San Diego. So come see what freedom looks like in a sexy thong with mouth-watering curves and see how quickly she has you standing at attention.