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Study: Strip Clubs Beneficial to Health

Posted on 09-02-2016

According to Empire Research Group going to the strip club is actually good for your health!

That’s right, studies reveal that going to the strip club has the ability to:

– Lower cortisol (the stress hormone)
– Boost oxytocin
– Increase testosterone

In fact, Empire Research Group noted that 54% of all men feel overwhelmed at work and since the majority of all men only have about 16 hours of leaser time a week, going to the strip club can allow men to get back in touch with their instincts as well as interact freely without having to behave and operate in a “professional” manner.

How can this be proven?

Well, the researchers conduced saliva tests on men before and after walking into a strip club and they discovered that when men are surrounded by beautiful women who are flirting with them, getting sexual, and putting them at ease their bodies are naturally filled with testosterone and oxytocin.

So do you want to destress?

Come into Cheetahs this weekend!