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Saturday is Couples night at Cheetahs

Posted on 03-14-2016

Maybe you’ve heard about couples going to strip clubs together…but is it right for you and your relationship?

Visiting strip clubs is an activity many unmarried & married couples have turned to over the last few years as a way to engage in fantasy foreplay together.

They report that the excitement begins simply thinking about going to the club. Read more about this at:http://www.ario1.com

Once there, these lovers find themselves aroused more and more as the night wears on…leading to an exciting time once they return home.

Be aware that deciding to go to the club together is a personal choice you both must make individually.

Are You Both OK With It?

There’s a big difference between a woman being fine with her man going to the club with the guys and going with him.

While he’s away, some women are fine living in a fantasy world that nothing is happening there. The reality of being there and seeing it all and the closeness that a lap dance can entail is another world altogether.

Going together is a two way street. If he’s not comfortable with her being there or if she’s not comfortable going with him, then you shouldn’t go together.

Bonding Together

If you’re both into it and the idea sparks excitement then joining this trend of couples going to strip clubs together can be a bonding experience.

Lovers enjoy their time of sharing the stripper while at the same time being focused on one another, flirting and touching each other the entire time.

While this isn’t “top of mind” for most people, there can be a power dynamic involved here. The couple is paying their dancer and there may be a sense that they “own” her for the time they’re there enjoying themselves.

Everyone has different types of fantasies. The bonding experience can come in many ways.

For example, it might come as a surprise to a guy when he’s more excited seeing his girlfriend or wife receiving a lap dance than when he’s on the receiving end.

Save It For Later

This can all add up to be an outlet for the relationship that’s in a rut to safely go home later where fantasies can be met and satisfied.

If done properly the strip club bonding exercise can really heat up the relationship at home.

Couples report that since going to strip clubs is still considered “taboo” by most people that there’s an air of being “bad”. This will often add to the sexual excitement where they feel a bit naughty in what they’re doing.

Since they’re doing it together, having fun together and the only physical sex that happens is between them once they leave it all adds to a more heightened, private sexual experience once they’re alone.

Unlike swinging, there’s also no threat of possibly being exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

Is It For You?

This activity of couples going to strip clubs isn’t for everyone.

Is it right for your relationship? Only you can know that.

You can always start slow. Agree to go but that you won’t accept any lap dance offers. You’ll simply sit in a booth near the back, have a few drinks and some food and take it all in.

Later, you can discuss how you’d both feel seeing the one another receive lap dances.

What would you consider “cheating” or uncomfortable?

If you find what you’re both comfortable with it can possibly add some great sexual tension between you and some amazing fireworks once you leave the club!

This article is from a great resource check it out at http://www.ario1.com