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It may be cold out there but it’s warm in Cheetahs

Posted on 02-02-2016

Cloudy days are here. Nighttime starts sooner than later. The temperatures have dropped. And we, as men, are suffering from the inevitable yearly consequence – women are wearing way too much clothing for us to conveniently stare at them and their lovely features.

Life can be tough during winter.

Fortunately, one mustn’t battle the unstoppable forces of Mother Nature just to see a beautiful woman. As a matter of fact, a lovely place exists where you are instantly transformed from an average, everyday man, into an aristocratic customer entitled to special treatment. From the moment you step foot in the door, you become a welcomed guest due to receive drinks, cozy seating and unforgettable entertainment from such genetically gifted ladies, one would think they were secretly created by a mad scientist insistent upon recreating the centerfolds from his porno magazines.

In everyday life you may be Clark Kent, but in this unparalleled scene YOU ARE SUPERMAN!

One needn’t deny the irrefutable necessity for a break. A short and sweet vacation somewhere nearby that defies all of the no-no’s public prohibits outside during the standard 9-to-5 grind everyone endures. Tantalizing, real life imagery to yield you unforgettable fantasies of your favorite femme fatale from our diverse roster of gems, rubies and diamonds.

Mark it on your calendar. Make calls to your closest pals. Call in sick to work if you must. Whatever you do, make time to gather a group and share an evening with the most delicious ladies at San Diego’s best high-class gentlemen’s establishment – CHEETAHS!