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Cheetahs supplies a great workout for woman who like to pole dance

Posted on 03-03-2016
The Physical Benefits
Pole dancing at Cheetahs can build muscle in a fairly short period of time. It does not take long before you begin to see results. The best part is that this toning of the muscles focuses quite well on those “problem areas” for women (arms, back, waist, hips). Pole dancing also improves balance, coordination and agility as well as increases flexibility and core strength.The Emotional Benefits
Pole dancing has a deep connection with emotion, which you express through movement. Exercising your mind about your body is a great way to boost your confidence and empower yourself. You learn about your sensuality and how to connect with it. In turn, the sensual thinking with the physical workout boosts those endorphins.It’s Never Boring
There is always more to work on, whether it be a new trick, a routine or executing moves gracefully. You can learn that you are stronger, smarter, more beautiful and more capable than you ever thought possible and THAT is never boring.

Encouragement & Friendships
You can take classes with your best friends or complete strangers, but either way, you will be surrounded by positive, encouraging women in a non-judgmental environment. This not only creates a sense of optimism in your life, but also opens doors to amazing friendships. Everyone wants a workout buddy! Our group fitness classes offer a whole room of workout buddies to help motivate each other and hold each other

New Sexy Skills
Pole dancing is no way near easy nor sleazy. But it still definitely is sexy! Your new skills and toned body will amaze your friends, your significant other, but most importantly it will impress you! You are welcome to visit cheetahs to watch how it’s done.