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3 Reasons Cheetahs Can Improve Your Relationship

Posted on 12-10-2016

Relationships are about honesty, communication, pleasure, and exploring another human being to the fullest. In fact, if you can’t honestly express yourself and who you are in a relationship – why be in the relationship with a person?

After weeks of research from our “sexperts”, as well as from our friends at Fox News, we’ve discovered that strip clubs can actually improve the quality of your relationship. Yes, improve. 

Here’s three reasons why you should come into Cheetahs this week with your significant other:

  1. It’s Safe
    Couples that go to strip clubs together get the same effects of having a “third party” without having any sexual health risks. In other words, you can have a sexual experience with more people without risking an infection or nasty disease.
  2. At Ease
    Going to a strip club with your significant other is a great way to put her mind at ease. Instead of having her wonder where you are or what you’re up to, it would be best to go somewhere with her so she knows what you like and how you really are as a man. 
  3. No Work Involved
    Coming into Cheetahs is probably the best way to get excited, hot, and aroused – it’s basically foreplay. Just hop in your car, head over to our club, relax, unwind, and let nature take its course.